Heyzap is now a part of Fyber. Learn more at Fyber.com

We are excited to show you how we are leveraging assets across the Fyber group to become the leading in-app monetization platform in the industry.

Although the Heyzap brand has gone away, you can still enjoy the same products and services you’ve grown to love and trust.

At Fyber.com or the links below, you can login to your existing account to access the dashboard and developer docs.


Our features are designed for maximum
usability, transparency, and performance.


Autopilot Mediation

Premium ad networks supported

We pick and choose the highest-performing mobile networks and exhaustively test their integration and compatibility. You integrate one SDK and gain access to all of them.

Advanced pre-caching

We optimize ad pre-caching to make sure your users never have to see a loading spinner, while not killing user bandwidth.

Mediation of interstitials, video, native, rewarded video and banners

Access all major mobile ad formats through one SDK.

Country based optimization

We do fine-grained testing on a country-by-country basis to make sure your monetization is maximized globally.

Automatic eCPM data pull

We poll network eCPM data on an hourly basis from partner APIs so that mediation can run on autopilot.

Comprehensive Data

View eCPM, revenue, fill rate & impressions on a per network, per country basis both graphically and in tabular form. Per app and all app views also supported.

Exportable Data

Easily pull data from our system via API or download the CSV file.

Network Friendly

Heyzap helps networks optimize their positioning for the best developer results.

Powerful Visualizations

Transparent prioritization

Our dashboards show exactly how and why networks are being utilized on a country-by-country basis.

Comparative view of ad networks

We model performance data for you so you can quantify the impact of every network integration on your overall revenue, fill rate, and eCPM.

Real time dashboard updates

Dashboard stats update in real time. Watch revenue jump with every refresh.

Heyzap Exchange

Server-side control

Turn on Heyzap Exchange with the flip of a switch from your dashboard - no SDK changes necessary.

Varied demand sources

Tap into a wide range of additional advertisers bidding for your inventory through one central exchange.

VAST and MRAID support

We work on the latest ad tech standards to bring the freshest campaigns in.


Free video and static cross-promo

Leverage Heyzap’s advanced ad-serving tech to grow your existing user base for free.

Easy scheduling

Set your cross-promo campaigns to run during a specific period of time.

Balance cross-promo and monetization

Easily control what amount of your inventory you want to put towards cross-promo and monetizing ads using segmentation.

Intuitive campaign setup

Pick the apps you want your campaign to show in, upload creatives, and choose the frequency with which you want your cross-promo ads to show, and you'll be ready to go.

Full range of formats supported

Free cross-promotion works across video, static, and native ads.

Easy Integration

Single SDK integration

Cut down time spent working with multiple SDKs, wrappers, and dashboards.

Integration wizard

We will be there every step of the way with our integration wizard and dedicated live support channel. So easy, your head of sales can do it.

Multi-platform support

We support all leading platforms and devices, including Android, iPhone, iPad, and Amazon Fire.

Dynamic Documentation

Select the ad networks you work with and watch our docs dynamically change to save you time.

Smallest SDK size footprint

Heyzap's SDK is very small, taking up the least amount of space in your app.

Monitoring tools

Centralized revenue dashboard

View revenue and network performance through one central dashboard.

API Status Dashboard

Easily view the reporting API status of mediated networks.

Advanced Features

Manual eCPM override

Think you can beat the algorithm? Kickstart our machine learning with a pre-prioritized waterfall, should you wish.

Ad tags support

Tag locations in your app, and view stats by location to figure out where ads work best.

Advanced API

You should be able to do whatever you'd like with your data. Our API makes it easy to put your stats to work.

App Annie Exportable Data

Easily pull data from our system to App Annie.

Server-side Reward Configuration

Configure the in-app currency your users get for viewing rewarded ads, right from your dashboard.


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